Sunday, October 31, 2010

MN Congressman Keith Ellison DFL-CD5 Crashes Election Integrity Press Conference, Then Caught in a Lie

Regardless of your Political Affiliation, Keith Ellison must go. This allegation of lying is not even plausibly deniable. When we catch our elected officials in a undeniable lie, be they Republican or Democrat, we must hold them accountable.

WHY MUST KEITH ELLISON AND OTHERS CAUGHT IN UNDENIABLE LIES GO? Because in this age of plausible deniability, it is very seldom that we catch our politicians in undeniable lies. We must use these rare opportunities as an example to the rest. If they are willing to lie to get elected, they will lie to us their electorate. Just take a look around and see watch the bipartisan lying has done for our Country.

Those were my thoughts.

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voter Fraud & Election Integrity Watch Meeting October 28, 2010 7-9m Eden Praire MN

Founding Fathers 1

Tea Party Patriots of the Twin Cities
Vist our website at:

Constitutionally Limited Government
  Fiscal Responsibility
Free Markets


The press will be there, Support your local Tea Parties

October 28, 2010
7 - 9 PM
Eden Prairie Community Center    

Tea Party Patriots of the
Twin Cities
Southwest Metro Tea Party Patriots

One Week to the Election.
Lets get together and insure success at the polls.
Come find out about

Come hear and be part of the largest voter watch group in Minnesota history


Minnesota Tea Parties

Chris Bardon
Candidate for Attorney General

Dan Severson
Candidate for
Secratary of State

Dan McGrath
Minnesota Majority

Andy Cilek
Minnesota Voters Aliance

7-9 PM
Eden Prairie CommunityCenter
16700 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55436

Quick Links

Tea Party Patriots of the Twin Cities | 18455 Twilight Trail | Eden Prairie | MN | 55346

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Minnesota College Republicans upcoming Events

MNCR Update October 21, 2010 


This is a busy week for College Republicans. We have several opportunities where we need your help!

Obama Counter Rally

Our protest of VP Biden got some very good local press and it was a huge success! Now it's time to double or triple that success! We need ALL HANDS ON DECK for this!

President Obama is stopping by the U of MN Minneapolis Campus and we are going to show the President and the country that college students are all for Tom Emmer and his pro-jobs, pro-growth policies.

This can't be successful without your participation, so please stop by!

Where: U of M - Minneapolis (Meet at CD5 Office, Above Chipotle at Washington & Oak)
When: Saturday, Oct 23 @ 12 noon


Meeks/Gingrich/Demmer Rally

On Saturday, Oct 23, as well, Annette Meeks, Candidate for Lt. Governor, will be holding a rally at Winona State University with Fmr. Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, and Candidate for Congress Randy Demmer.

Any & all CRs able to attend will be sitting on starge behind Annette & Newt, and will have a brief photo opportunities immediately following the event.

The event begins at 7:45am and will last until 9am, but if you want to be on stage, we ask the you arrive no later than 7:15am

For more info, contact Carrie Zimmerman or Jake Loesch

Location: WSU, Student Union East Room (Corner of Huff and 10th St)

GOTV Weekend in Duluth

All of our candidates for Congress are awesome this year. But it has been determined that the biggest bang for our buck will be in Minnesota's 8th District (NE Minnesota) so, we will be taking a group of College Republicans up to Duluth (at no cost to you) to help get Tom Emmer and Chip Cravaack elected.

When: 12 noon Oct 30 to 9pm Oct 31
Where: Duluth Victory Office

All of our CR trips are a blast, and this is no exception! Hope you can join us!

Contribute Now Join MNCR Txt Alerts!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

After Months of Hiding and Dodging Voters, Swanson will Face Barden on Oct. 17, 2010

Did you receive this latest press release message? Please send far and wide. 


St. Paul, Minn. (Oct. 15, 2010) - After two years of avoiding media interviews with regard to her multiple scandals, the public will finally hear Lori Swanson's answers on camera about why she signed over $249,999 of state settlement funds to ACORN, why half of her entire staff has left her Office, and why seven former Assistant Attorney Generals have filed sworn statements documenting unethical and illegal practices in her Office. "We are excited to finally debate Swanson after she has avoided voters and interviewers for months," explains Barden. "She has failed to answer questions about the most scandal-ridden Attorney General administration in State history."
After previously neglecting and rescheduling debates, Swanson has finally agreed to participate in a (closed-to-the-media) debate sponsored by KSTP-TV/League of Women Voters. She is scheduled to debate key issues such as Minnesota's economy, health care and consumer protection with her challenger, Chris Barden, before a closed taping on Sunday, Oct. 17 at 10 a.m., which will then air on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. on KSTP-TV.
"Hopefully we will also finally hear why Swanson supports the unpopular Federal Health Care Law and why she opposes popular Photo ID election reforms," remarks Barden. "She has a lot of explaining to do and it should be an interesting debate indeed."
About Chris Barden
Barden is the unanimously endorsed Republican nominee for Attorney General and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where he received both his B.A. and Ph.D. Barden attended Harvard Law School and has been a practicing attorney since 1992. If elected, Barden intends to improve the business climate in Minnesota, implement Photo ID requirements for clean election reform, challenge and block the Federal Health Care Law, and reform the AG's office after 40 years of continuous DFL control. Learn more about Chris Barden at


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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minnesota - Help Stop Voter Fraud This November

Action Alert!

      Help Stop Voter Fraud This November
Today, Minnesota Majority, in conjunction with the North Star Tea Party Patriots and the Minnesota Voters Alliance, officially launched Election Integrity Watch, a new citizen-based watchdog program to mitigate voter fraud in Minnesota’s upcoming November 2nd election.
Our government officials have let us down, allowing fraud and errors to undermine the fundamental underpinning of our democratic republic – fair elections.
Our top election official, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, continues to deny any problems exist, even as the evidence, investigations and convictions for voter fraud continue to pile-up in the wake of the 2008 election.  Our top law enforcement official, Attorney General Lori Swanson, refuses to investigate allegations of voter fraud even when similar investigations are going on across the nation.
Political analysts estimate that voter fraud may account for 3% of the vote in any given election.  That would have amounted to over 66,000 voters in our last gubernatorial election.  This year, it’s up to us, the citizens of Minnesota, to take-on the task of protecting the integrity of our elections.

1. Visit and review how you can volunteer to make a difference this November.  Learn what to look for when you go to the polls and how you can report suspicious activities.  Be sure to also review our radio ads that will begin airing next week.
2. Please share this message with your friends and neighbors, encouraging them to be a part of ensuring integrity in our elections.

Those were my thoughts.

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

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