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Will Google Wave or Microsoft Vine Replace Twitter and Facebook?


Will Google Wave or Microsoft Vine Replace Twitter and Facebook? | Photo 02

Will Google Wave or Microsoft Vine Replace Twitter and Facebook? | Photo 02

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Google (Google reviews) promised to deliver something spectacular on the second day of the Google I/O conference, and they did not disappoint. Google has just announced Google Wave, a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool that is already being hailed by some as the next evolution of email. Yes, Google Wave is potentially that disruptive.

Created by two of the guys behind Google Maps (Google Maps reviews) with a small team in Sydney, the concept behind Google Wave is to “unify” communication on the web. It’s a hybrid of email, web chat, IM, and project management software. It features the ability to replay conversations because it records the entire sequence of communication, character by character. Because of this, discussions are also live in Google Wave: you will see your friends type character-by-character.

The features don’t stop there, either. Google Wave also supports the ability to drag attachments from your desktop into Google Wave. It loads that file and sends it immediately to anyone in the conversation. It’s also embeddable, so you can embed Google Wave conversations on any blog.

Wow, in this next wave of Internet Innovation, "Who will win the battle for the minds of the Citizens of the Cybersphere and Blogoshere?"

Google seems to have created a more robust product with far more features than Microsoft's Vine announced  in April of 2009.  (Read more about features of Google Wave [ Click Here ] View Google Wave Introduction Video  [Click Here]

Various authors have written about user resistance to VINE because of negative feelings various persons have about Microsoft due to some of its past business practices. Some fear further erosion of market choices because further consolidation in the computer and Internet marketplace may result in an effective monopoly. Microsoft has already had its hands slapped once for unfair business practice resulting from its near monopolization of the Computer Operating System and Web Browser Market.[ United States v. Microsoft ] View Microsoft Vine Introduction [Click Here]

This author wonders if similar concerns about Google will keep Social Network users loyal to Facebook and Twitter from making the switch.  The further concerns about personal privacy and allegations of data sharing with the government agencies could also adversely effect Google's new venture.

Yet,  this next wave of Internet Innovation is already creating new Partnerships : Twitter + Wave = Twave

Hopefully, Facebook, MySpace, Plurk, Bebo and Brightkite and Twitter will remake themselves and provide the robust product and enhanced features represented in Wave and Vine, to prevent their users from migrating to these new platforms.

Ultimately, who will come to dominate the Social Networking Marketplace? At this point, it is too early to tell.  But because of Google's propensity to spy on its users and its alleged propensity to give that information to Government Agencies, I hope it is not Google.

But can users resist the temptation use Google Wave with all of its yet to be tested features despite concerns about letting big brother into their lives?

These thoughts were on my mind.


Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

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